1. Stormy99's Avatar
    Ok so I just updated my berry to 5.0 and wiped it using BBSAK and now i just reinstalled BEbuzz. i wrote down my product key before hand so i'd know it and i just downloaded it off of app world. it doesnt' have the option to register yet i'm wondering why. I guess becasue it's on the intro free trial thing.

    I was just gonna purchase the app again i mean it's what 5 bux who cares but after i log into pay pal it says error code 3300. this only happens with bebuzz that i know of right now. I just bought weatherbug elite and that went fine. Is this because i have already purchased bebuzz once before on the same device that it is doing this. I've tried resetting the cache for app world the alt-r-s-t thing as well as a battery pull still nothing.

    I guess just wait till it asks me to register?
    11-28-09 09:16 PM