1. damaj1972's Avatar
    I am sure a bunch of you know this, but I couldn't find it on the forums. Does anybody know the app that allows you to have the red thermostat on the top of your home screen? Is it a weather app or does it tell the temp of your BB?
    05-12-10 03:22 PM
  2. RickyRoss10's Avatar
    It's a weather app, most likely. Weather Bug and Berryweather both have this feature. I've never used any others so I can't speak to those.

    Meterberry also has a "thermometer" option but it displays your battery temp as the icon.
    05-12-10 03:36 PM
  3. akmolin's Avatar
    It would be BerryWeather
    05-12-10 03:58 PM
  4. pilsbury's Avatar
    MeterBerry also has a thermometer that will alternate with 3 other icons that you can put on your HS as well.
    05-12-10 04:42 PM
  5. damaj1972's Avatar
    Thanks for the help
    05-13-10 11:41 AM