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    I know there are apps out there like SpoofApp and Bluff My Call that can apprently record phone calls, along with Google Voice (for incoming calls only), but I'm looking for an app that does just recording. No need to take up the little memory space I have for features like voice changing and spoofing my number that I won't be using.

    Anyone know of an app that does just call recording?

    Please stay on topic. I am aware of the legal issues this may have, but there is no need to hi-jack the thread or changing the subject. So again, please stay on topic.

    Thanks for the help,
    04-24-10 02:48 AM
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    I too am looking for software to do this. Ran across and old post that suggested a handsfree bluetooth car kit and plug it into your computer's sound card or a tape deck instead of your car stereo. It confused me a little because all of the hands free car kits I find plug into your cigarette lighter...maybe I'm just dumb.

    one person suggested using this device which is probably the way I will go since it's only 20.00
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    05-15-10 01:59 AM
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    Google voice can record phone convos I believe

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    05-15-10 08:55 AM
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    how does google voice record calls???
    05-15-10 09:52 AM
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    how does google voice record calls???
    When you make or receive a call using google voice you can hit the 4 button and it will record the conversation. Checkout GV home page for detailed explanation..

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    05-15-10 10:22 AM
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    Can you have more then one goggle voice on a cell phone?
    05-15-10 10:31 AM