1. kjllybn's Avatar
    I'm having some issues with my BB calendar and google sync. I started searching through these forums to find a solution, but I seem to have complicated things futher.

    Here's the deal. I was having issues with google sync only syncing certain calendars, and then there was the whole facebook calendar that was causing problems. I then tried to consolidate all of my calendars, and I deleted the Facebook CICAL. Then, nothing was showing up on my calendar - which I finally fixed after un- and reinstalling google sync. Now everything's back on my phone under the device default but nothing is not syncing to my Google calendar.

    On top of that, I went to the Default Services under Options, and the calendar option wasn't even there anymore, only messaging. And there's no CICAL at all in the service books. How do I get these back? And how to I make what's on my default calendar go to my google calendar?
    05-31-10 12:20 AM