1. steevereeno's Avatar
    I just downloaded the newest version of QuickLaunch and my Curve 8330 just started resetting itself every 5 minutes. It's been doing this the last hour. Could QL be the reason??? I am running some apps but have at least 20 to 25mb free at all times. I've had my phone for about 4 months now without any problems until today. I have OS Is this an OS issue? A battery issue? What does everyone suggest?
    07-12-09 05:18 PM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    I would uninstall the newer version of QL and see if it stops. Its not uncommon to have some programs conflict with others. If its the newest app you've installed I would assume it to be that.
    07-12-09 05:24 PM
  3. steevereeno's Avatar
    I just got rid of QL but it's doing the same thing - resetting every few minutes on its own. Any other ideas for me Heresy before I make a run into the Verizon store? Thanks.
    07-12-09 06:04 PM
  4. steevereeno's Avatar
    Now it's getting even worse if that's possible. As soon as it powers back up and the main screen appears, it resets immediately after only a few seconds.
    07-12-09 06:10 PM
  5. Heresy's Avatar
    Something is wrong with your OS then. You need to wipe the device with jl_cmdr and install the OS again. If your still under warranty you can take it back to them and see if they will fix it for you. If you want to put the verizon branded OS on the device get it here BlackBerry® Software Updates
    Get jl_cmdr here and instructions http://forums.crackberry.com/f3/how-...l_cmder-53502/
    07-12-09 06:22 PM
  6. steevereeno's Avatar
    Well, I think I found the root of the problem. I removed my memory card and it's working fine again. Perhaps there was a bad file on the card. It's odd that something on the card could be the cause of random resets...who knows.
    07-12-09 07:04 PM
  7. Heresy's Avatar
    You know what, its not as far fetched as you may think. The media card can do all kinds of things too. Glad it was only that. It saved you from going through the work of an OS install.
    07-12-09 07:15 PM
  8. steevereeno's Avatar
    Thanks Heresy. I went ahead and re-formatted the card and re-installed it in my Curve and it's running in tip-top shape again. I realized just how much of a BB addict I am...I had a problem that last only about an hour and I was freaking out!!! I'm relived that's over lol.
    07-12-09 08:10 PM
  9. Heresy's Avatar
    Hey no problem. Like I said, we dodged a bullet there. Glad you got it worked out.
    07-12-09 08:48 PM