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    How to use QuickPull on OS 5.0 - Steelthorn Software - FAQ

    QuickPull after 5.0 update

    take a look at that if your having problems with your qp.. Have not done it myself just doing auto reboots for now..
    03-26-10 01:09 PM
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    The link posted by staticpunk84 was critical to getting QuickPull running again after upgrading to OS 5.0 and downloading the OS 5.0 version of QuickPull.

    Actually, I use QuickPull Pro, but it applies to the free version too. No beta versions of the program are needed (for those that found older posts in their searches).

    Thanks for the link!

    UPDATE: I officially give up! [app deleted]
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    03-30-10 03:00 AM