05-30-10 10:13 PM
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    I believe that is ALT+RIGHT SHIFT+DEL and hold it until the screen goes blank.

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    Dang! I still can't get this to work....maybe I have fat fingers??

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    01-24-09 07:21 AM
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    Nevermind...it might help if I was using the correct buttons! DOH!!!

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    01-24-09 08:04 AM
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    I think they don't make much difference, they all shutdown the virtual machine so got self cleaned, got those leaked memory back into pool. There are a few options,

    1) battery pull - I am sure you all do
    2) alt-del-shift - only available to those with QWERTY keyboard
    3) Soft reset applications. There are a few apps out there
    a) Quick pull. I think this is the oldest one. It works on most of old devices, but seems not working at all on some latest devices, I have heard complains about it. I tested on my two devices, it works on 8310 but not storm. it offers a free version with advertisement; but since I am having a corporate, I cannot use it because I don't want unwanted data traffic get recorded on the companies gateway.

    b) A+ Reset. It works on both of my devices. It offers a 7 day free trial. It has a unique feature I don't see on other reset app, which is one key press reset. I end up set one side key as shortcut to the A+ Reset shortcut. I like this feature because sometimes the phone does not respond well, I couldn't even launch the app. Press a key to reset always work well. I had to pay $2.99 to buy this app.

    c) ResetMe. This one is not stable; and I think it tries to offer you too much advertisement, which make it awful slow. And it works on one of my device but not the other one. It offers a free version but I think nobody wants to keey this app.

    d) PBTaskManager. This one works on my 8310. But does not work on my Storm, it seems try to download and install something. I am suspecting it is also trying to collect my device information, so have a little bit concern about it. It is too expensive ($6.99) as it offers features beside rebooting phone.
    05-30-10 10:13 PM
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