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    QuickLaunch Version 4.3 is now available for OS6 9700, 9780, 9650, 9788, 9790 Devices

    New Features in QL 4:

    Homescreen Wallpaper Cycler
    QuickLaunch can now be configured to automatically cycle your homescreen wallpaper. Choose the directory on your device for your wallpaper images, and enable the option and you're good to go.
    The QL Wallpaper Changer does NOT run in the background!.

    Larger Font Added
    Added a new font size, 'Largest'. Should be big enough for those who need a larger font. (see screenshots)

    NFC Toggle
    Toggle your NFC communication on/off

    Display Battery Status on QL Titlebar
    Displays the current battery power percentage. (see screenshots)
    Battery % will be displayed in Green, Orange, Red depending on status. If you have weather displayed on the titlebar the battery will be displayed next to weather. If no weather then it is displayed on the top line.

    Alarm and Stopwatch Shortcuts Added

    ~Shake Launch™~ - (avail for devices with accelerometers only)
    You can now configure an app, shortcut, function or any other QL item to launch by shaking your phone.
    When adding an item to QL check the 'Set as Shake Launch Item' option. In addition you must enable 'Shake Detection' in QL Options. If you are not using Shake Launch™ then set disable the shake detection option.

    To use Shake Launch™ just open QL and shake!

    BB File Picker Integration
    QL is now integrated with the standard bb file picker app to choose files, images, directories when configuring.

    Visual Voice Mail Shortcut
    Quick access to the vvm app.

    Lock Device Shortcut
    You must have your device password protected for this feature to work

    Alarm Toggle
    Toggle the alarm on or off

    Center Menu Location Option Added
    Now you can place QL in the Center, Left or Right on the screen!

    Change Sounds and Alerts Shortcut
    Quick access to the 'change sounds and alerts' screen in Sound Profiles

    Mobile Connections All On / Off Toggle
    Quickly Turn on/off all mobile connections

    Current Shortcuts button added to options screen
    In addition to the shortcuts button displayed when you add items a 'Shortcuts' button was added to QL Options. (see screenshots)

    Bridge App Shortcut and Bridge Toggle
    You can now launch the Bridge app as well as toggle it on and off

    Time, Notifications, Battery and Signal strength
    ...are now shown in the titlebar in all QL screens. (see screenshots)

    Redesigned Options screen
    Slight modifications to the look of the options screen. Looks better. Works better.

    More Apps appear in Add Items
    Some apps that didnt appear in the list now show up. I forgot which ones. sorry.

    Bug Fixes including fix for 2G/3G toggle

    Improved Performance
    A lot of rework was done on the code making QL faster and smoother.

    Screenshots - click to enlarge

    New customers: $3.99
    Current QL owners who purchased on App World: $1.99

    Mobihand/Crackerry App Store customers who currently have QuickLaunch can purchase
    the app directly from NikkiSoft via paypal for $1.99. If interested send me an email to
    nikkisoft dot support at G mail.

    QuickLaunch version 4 can also now be purchased directly from NikkiSoft
    with Credit Card, Paypal or E-check by going to the purchase page on nikkisoft.com


    04-24-12 05:05 PM
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    Oh, Snap!
    I'm all over this!
    I just sent an email to see how to make the transition for $1.99 since I initially got it from MobiHand.

    QL is top notch in my book!
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    04-24-12 05:20 PM
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    Up and running v4 now!
    Great apps & CS as always!
    Now I gotta play with it for an hour or so to unlock the full potential of the new functions...

    I truly appreciate what you've done for me.

    04-24-12 05:57 PM