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    I have QL version 2.21.2, with all applications permissions set to ALLOW
    I recently updated my OS and forgot to backup my QL settings beforehand. Dumb I know.

    Anyway, I am missing a lot of apps in Quicklaunch! For example, Facebook is not there. I know it used to be "Quicklaunch-able" because I always used to have it.

    The other apps I cannot find are all apps that I did not download from App World. Only my App World apps are in the list to add. Is this where QL finds the available apps to link to somehow ??? But weird b/c App World is not even on the application list. What gives? No one else has this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

    Screenshot 1 shows the obviously missing Facebook link, screenshot 2 shows the apps I would like to be able to add to QL that are not available as circled in yellow. (I know they used to be because I had them before)
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    Alright I found the fix, sort of. So if this ever happens to you, here ya go. I have a feeling there is an easier way to fix this as this seemed like a round-about way to do it, but I couldn't figure out another way.

    When I had loaded the applications onto my phone, I had used the blackberry master control program to load the .cods I had backed-up in BBSAK. For whatever reason, Quicklaunch does not recognize these files as applications. If I deleted the app, and then reinstalled via Crackberry app store, App World etc. QL recognizes the application. This was kinda a PITA since some apps I got from other app stores than Crackberry/App World and some are not even still around to download.

    I do not know why this would occur, maybe related to where applications are filed in phone when loading .cods using 3rd party software versus downloading from web? When I snoop around my device memory via the comp with hidden files/folders shown I can't even find where applications are. I don't know, maybe someone with more technical expertise could explain this?
    04-26-10 11:13 PM