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    Introducing QuickCopy, an advanced Copy/Paste/View utility enabling quick access to PIM data from anywhere on the device. QuickCopy is highly customizable tool with limitless possibilities to suit your productivity needs.

    QuickCopy fills the gaps that native Copy/Paste feature lags on BlackBerry devices. The utility, once invoked pins a shortcut menu to top right corner of your device giving you quick access to the most common PIM items such as Contacts, Tasks, Memos, Calendar & Email. By way of providing access to PIM items shortcut menu, QuickCopy not only enables you to access information from these PIM items without having to leave the current application you are in, but also for PIM items such as Contacts, Tasks & Memos, QuickCopy organizes data such that it enables you to quickly paste the contents automatically without ever having you to manually perform Select/Copy/Paste.

    The latest OS versions that feaure "Switch Application" Menu Item provides access to only limited applications that are currently running on the device while QuickCopy works in a similar way but in addition it Always gives you access to all of your critical PIM data from any application on the device. QuickCopy also features Automatic Paste function (For Contacts, Tasks & Memos), so you dont have to manually perform Select/Copy/Paste steps without ever having to leave the current application you are in. Just place your cursor on any editable field anywhere on your device and let QuickCopy handle the Select/Copy/Paste for you. For accessing Calendar & Email data, QuickCopy functions similar to native "Switch Application" on the device but in addition it ALWAYS provides access to all of your PIM data from anywhere on the device by way of the QuickCopy shortcut menu. While "Switch Application" Menu Item may not always provide access to all of your PIM data, so the only other way is to exit the current application you are in to get access to the information you are looking for.

    To name a few, for example, currently while you are on a Phone call, you can only access Email, Calendar & Contacts information. With QuickCopy shortcut menu, you can access Memos & Tasks too with data presented as an organized list enabling you to review information while on the phone conversation in a quick and efficient way without ever having to exit to home screen.

    Most common Use Cases for QuickCopy, but not limited to are:

    Assuming you have stored your login information in your Contact or you use your Email Address as your login id:
    - Most often times when you visit a website on the device that requires login information, you may have to either manually type login id or you may have to manually perform Select/Copy/Paste by leaving the browser. With QuickCopy, while you are in the Browser and your cursor placed on an editable field, simply invoke the "Contacts" Menu Item from the QuickCopy shortcut menu and let QuickCopy organize your Contact information and bring it forward, so all you have to do is simply click on the specific information of the Contact to automatically paste the contents at the location of your cursor in a few and simple steps without having to hide the browser and go to the Address Book to Select & Copy

    Assuming you have stored your Pre-canned message templates in your Memopad:
    - With QuickCopy, in few simple steps, while you are in the Email application to compose an Email message (or SMS, MMS etc.), simply choose "Memos" Menu Item from the QuickCopy shortcut menu and let QuickCopy organize and list all your Memos, so all you have to do is simply click on the specific Memo that contains the Pre-Canned message template to automatically paste the contents in the Email message

    Assuming you are on a phone call and want to quickly review information stored in Memopad for example:
    - With QuickCopy, since it gives you the option to view your PIM data from anywhere on the device, you can quickly pull up Memos and view the detailed information on a memo with ease

    Integration with Third Party Applications:
    - For most of the Third Party applications that support Default menu items, you can leverage QuickCopy functionality like for example you can get access to all of your PIM data from within Facebook in case to want to refer to your PIM data or use the automatic paste function without having to manually type or quit the application

    Quick exchange of data between PIM applications:
    - With QuickCopy, you can now quickly create a memo out of an email & vice versa, task out of a memo & vice versa, calendar appointment out of an email and so on using the QuickCopy shortcut menu that provides easy access to any PIM data from within any PIM application as well as the automatic paste feature.

    Cleanup duplicate contacts from your Address Book:
    - Once you are in edit mode in a contact, just invoke QuickCopy to lookup the duplicate contact and use automatic paste feature of QuickCopy to efficiently copy the contact information from the dupicate contact with ease

    And the possibilities are endless...

    You can download the trial version at CrackBerry store and search for QuickCopy

    Looking forward for your valuable feedback.
    08-18-09 04:12 PM
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    Regarding using pre canned message templetes, it would be easier to have all pre-canned messages in 1 file in memos rather than have a separate memo for each canned templete. Is that possible?
    08-21-09 08:37 AM
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    Logically thinking yes it is possible but the idea is to perform paste with a click rather than again selectively copying specific parts of a text from a single memo. In my opinion, the ability to filter memos from the list based on a specific category that you assign to all pre canned templates would be ideal choice so you can get to your specific memo faster without searching through the entire list. What do you think. I can in corporate that into the product in the next release. Any thoughts?

    08-21-09 12:19 PM
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    I agree. Ideally you would create a file called say "Canned Responses" in memo and be able to click each response in a sub-menu. Is it possible to create clickable sub-menus? I don't think so but that would be easiest .
    When I first set up my canned responses in memo, I listed them and had to scroll past all the A and B memos. I've since added a space before "Canned Responses" so they appear at the top of memo to reduce the scrolling.
    08-21-09 11:45 PM
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    That's a good workaround you have discovered inputting a space to make the memo appear first without scrolling through the list especially if you have large number of memos stored on your device. I am not sure if it is feasible to do sub-menus as you have mentioned, but couple of thoughts:

    1) Utilizing inbuilt device feature to assign categories for a memo with a filter capability based on the category selected from a drop down list

    2) Free text search box that dynamically narrows the search results in the list as you type - this I think should save lots of time searching (similar to search capability in the native Memopad application for example)
    08-24-09 11:47 PM
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    When I set to show quickcopy systemwide,it always resets to no after a reboot.is this a bug?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-24-09 11:51 PM
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    Actually this is by design and not a bug, and at some point I had thought of enabling the QuickCopy menu option system wide by default but never got it since it did not seemed very significant since it is customizable.

    Not only that, but when you have assigned a default contact, it has to be re-assigned again once you reboot. This is because, I am using a non-persistent memory store within the device which seemed ideal instead of a persistently saving the contact information using up your device memory in case you elect not to use the default contact option.

    I can certainly enable the QuickCopy menu option system wide by default in the up coming release.
    08-25-09 12:03 AM
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    Ok thanks...but would be great if I dint have to do it everytime I reboot...

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    08-25-09 12:11 AM