1. PoPcOrNPiMpZ's Avatar
    I uploaded my contacts to my Voicemail app 'n I was wondering what that did b/c some #s still come up Unknown Caller. Also what is the difference between Ok 'n Exists when they upload? Thanx...

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    07-16-09 12:58 PM
  2. uclugLee's Avatar
    "Exists" mean you have more than 1 contact with an identical phone number. For example, for all the staff members of my church, I could not use the office number for all of them because the number already existed for one of those users. I had to manually create the address on the YouMail site. No big deal there.

    As for "unknown caller", let's say you add me to your contact list in YouMail, and I call you and I block my number. It will show up as unknown caller of some sort. I have mine set up to drop those calls.
    07-16-09 01:55 PM
  3. PoPcOrNPiMpZ's Avatar
    Well that's odd b/c that was the first time uploading my contacts to that app. No one's is the same! Hrmmm... Well, the original Unknown Callers I was speaking of were my parents. They don't block their # but still come up as Unknown when leaving a Voicemail. Idk what's up!

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    07-16-09 02:02 PM
  4. thekrishna's Avatar
    Usually you have to give it some time to sync. If you do it online it happens faster if i'm remember correctly

    Quick question for anyone who has YouMail...does anyone else notice a battery leak when youmail is running?
    07-16-09 02:38 PM