1. Lincs1's Avatar

    Just to clear up a problem I'm having with Quick pulls schedule,

    is it normal that it doesn't work when setting the time for it to operate and need manual button pushing to do it?

    I set it for 4am but woke up at 7am to a message on the 9700's screen asking me if I wanted to use it now or later. I really wanted to use it at 4am when I asked it to lol, oh well.

    Is this a standard problem? or is there a way to easily solve it?

    Many thanks
    05-19-10 12:24 PM
  2. ttfmaep's Avatar
    I think that was what all the complaints were about with OS 5.0. They just released a new version for OS 5.0.

    I have OS 4.5 and it works flawlessly.
    05-19-10 12:38 PM