1. makuwel's Avatar
    FYI,....i made several posts last week asking for help figuring what was causing my 9800 to lag, after weeks if it being very fast. I tried EVERYTHING. Finally, i tried deleting some recently downloaded apps one at a time and after i deleted quick pull my phone went back to being snappy and normal again. Maybe someone else out there is having a similar problem?
    10-12-10 08:49 AM
  2. Blackfeet's Avatar
    Since I have both MeterBerry and QuickPull, I am going to go with deleting QuickPull to see if it improves responsiveness of my 9630 Tour (which isn't bad, but could be better) . MeterBerry does the Scheduled Restart, and since that is really the only thing I used QuickPull for, I can live without it.

    We'll see . . .
    10-12-10 03:16 PM
  3. pistolpetefan23's Avatar
    QuickPull Pro (free version) had been causing issues with my Bold 9650 running when trying to restart. If I ran a rest with QP it would freeze and I'd have to do a physical battery pull. If I tried Reset Device with QuickLaunch, it wouldn't run. I deleted QuickPull and now the QL reboot works perfect.
    10-12-10 11:52 PM
  4. BBDevotee's Avatar
    Check out HotFix from appsFX on BBAW. It's been running great for me. I set it to run in the evening, don't lose anytime during the day. Haven't pulled my battery in the past few weeks since I started using it.
    10-13-10 12:27 AM