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    Hey everyone, I've just downloaded Quick Launch and absolutely love this app. Everything is working well, however it seems the "Reboot Device" feature is acting odd.

    When I select the option, my device just goes back to the home screen. I then have to go back into Quick Launch, select reboot device again, and then Quick Pull tells me that a new module has been installed and I need to reboot to finish installation. Once my device has rebooted, a screen pops up telling me modules were added or removed by the application Quick Pull, and then everything is normal and I can go about doing whatever I want to on the device.

    If I go into Quick Pull and select reboot device after this, the exact same events take place every time. The reboot doesn't work, I have to select reboot again, it asks to restart to finish installing modules, the reboot happens, and I am informed of modules being added or removed. Same events, same order, every time. I've tried a battery pull after and then trying device reboot again with no results.

    Has anyone else run into this and is able to help me out? I have the latest release for my Bold 9000.

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    Hi d7walls,

    Check out this link.....http://forums.crackberry.com/f35/hel...rberry-441184/ They seem to be having the same problem but with a different app.

    It shows some screen shots and something about the modules. Might not be what you are exactly looking for.....but you might gather some information from it. Hope it helps.
    03-22-10 08:06 PM