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    So, I was trying to download Slacker the other day off the App World, and I got all the way up to like 1472kb out of 1557kb total on the little download bar, and then it stopped downloading, and there it has sat, with that same number ever since. I've paused downloading, and then re-started to see if it would kick in, with no luck. I've even deleted App World all together, then re-installed it, and that has offered me no luck, when I went back in, there was Slacker, paused with the same kb number. So, today, I downloaded Slacker directly from their website, ota. This, I thought, would show in App World as the app being installed and everything else, but no, there it still sits, paused, with the same kb number, even though I've already got Slacker installed, and I've used it, App World hasn't picked up on it...

    Here's my question, I don't want a chunk of memory taken up by a partially downloaded program, that I've already downloaded and installed, but App world doesn't give me an option to delete the download, just to pause and resume it. Anyone have any tips on getting rid of this pending download? Since App World was able to pick up on the partial download even after I had deleted App World and re-installed it, it leads me to believe that the Slacker I was downloading is sitting somewhere in my Curve... Any ideas?
    07-15-09 01:44 PM