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    Ok, first let me say that I know there are several posts about GoogleVoice, and I hope you all dont get angry for me doing another, but after reading the threads Im actually more confused....I got my invite today and I am excited but honestly I dont know why...Currently I only have one number I use(my BB) I use youmail(with the vymail app), I am on a family share currently with my BB and a boulder I am not really using anymore and so I will be dropping to a single line plan(nationwide select 900 with friends and family) and I need to clear a few things up before I can decide if I want to take advantage of my invite...so here are the questions I couldnt find direct or clear answers on using googles faqs or from browsing threads on CB..I want to say thank you in advance to all you fellow addicts who will help me,

    1. I am going to choose a SC # if I use the service, will I need to forward all my current contacts the new #, or can I just choose my fam in SC and new contacts? Basically, what will happen if people continue to call my current CT #?

    2. What number will people need to sms or mms me on? Can I be texted on both?

    3. Which # would I need to add to friends and fam and why? What are the benefits?

    4. Will my ringback tones still work? Or specific ringers for certain callers?

    5. What will I be loosing out on as far as GV vs youmail? And is there an app for GV, or would I use the Google app thats already installed on my BB? I really like having my voicemails being visual, is it the same with GV?

    6. What number will show when I call from my BB? My CT # or my new SC #?

    7. What is GV Dialer? Is it used along with google voice...I am kinda lost on what it is really

    I think that sums it up....I get the overall gist of what GV is but I just want to make sure I dont regret using it or that I am able to take advantages of all it does...I am assuming if I dont like it I can go back to what I have now. Again I apologize for the long post and newbie questions but I was a little confused..thanks again guys, and feel free to list all your thoughts about the service if you are using it...good and bad...thank you
    07-29-09 09:23 PM
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    Hi! Ive been using google voice for a day so I will answer what I can.
    1. Once you set up your GV number on their website you download the app on ur bb and leave it signed in and running. you set up your current number on the website. Once you sign in the mobile app you select your current mobile number that you entered on their website. You can leave it running, it hasnt put any strain on my battery or app memory.
    2. you can be texted on both. however to send a text on GV you go to your phonebook -> bb button -> SMS using GV
    4. I believe so, caller id shows up if the person is in your phonebook so specific ring tones should work. I dont believe ringbacktones would work because that is a vzw thing and the GV uses google's servers not vzw's. I have not confirmed this though.
    5. GV will actually try to convert your voicemail to text, though it sometimes isnt that accurate, its as visual as it gets. If you are on a call and want to record it i believe you can press 4 and access the recording on your GV account online later too. that is pretty neat
    6. whichever number you call with will be what shows up on the other callers CID
    sorry idk about 3 or 7. good luck
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    I dont have GV Dialer, I do have google voice on my phone. GV Dialer is just an app that allows you to use google voice like your regular phone dialer. Friends and Family> Well its simple just get a google number and add that number as one of your friends and family, google voice will dial that number directly and then use its server to connect your call to whomever you are calling, pretty nifty I would say. To make it sound more clear, if I want to use my google voice number when I go to contacts and want to call someone I press the menu button and it says simply call using GV voice, I press that and walla. If I know someone does not have the Verizon network, like the friends with I phones (insert name calling here) I use my google voice number (set as my friends and family) to call them that same way. Now if I know I am calling a Verizon number I just simply call them. This make any sense? Verizon will not have a clue that your number is a google voice and you could essentially call all day out of network because googles servers are connected the call. I love google voice
    07-29-09 10:13 PM
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    3. Add your GV number to your friends and family. That way any calls to your GV number (which forwards to your cell phone number) will be a free call. Also, using the GV dialer, you actually call your GV number, then the number of the party you are calling. Another free call. Basically, you'll never use another minute of your plan.
    07-29-09 10:16 PM
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    ok, so far so good, I think I am going to make the switch...I thank you guys for your feedback
    07-30-09 06:22 PM