1. catback's Avatar
    For those who have this app installed, can you verify if it can be used to select and send multiple files via bluetooth? The bluetooth file transfer built into the OS only allows you to manually send one file at a time.
    05-28-12 10:22 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Haven't had a chance to actually test it, but from what I can see it would allow multi-file transfer.

    Edit - It would appear to depend on what device you're sending to. Another BlackBerry isn't possible.
    05-29-12 07:25 AM
  3. emacf1's Avatar
    There is no clear YES or NO to your question - Filetransfer via Bluetooth depends from too many factors...

    Of course from your Device, then the OS, then the OS of your PC/MAC and the Bluetooth Chipset and the driver implementation...

    I just can suggest to make use of the free 14 day trial (that comes with the full functionality) - and test, if the multiple file transfer is working with your hardware combination...

    So 'yes' multiple file transfer is implemented with FileScout (select multiple files and then send them all at once without any additional confirmation) - but if it's really working in your environment is not predictable - I have a WinXP Notebook with a very cheap external Dongle and there sending multiple (<2MB) files works flawless - while the same phone can't send the same files to my Dell Studio17 Notebook Running Win7...
    05-29-12 03:26 PM