1. Valace2's Avatar
    I was just wondering if there is a way to create an option in quicklaunch for tabs in the new 5.0 browser.

    I know you probably haven't had a chance to try it out as its only in the newest 5.0 betas but it would be worth looking into.

    From what the BGR is saying that once in the browser you have to hit the BB key and then go to tabs to open a list of tabbed sites.

    Having an option in quicklaunch to open just the tabs might speed it up a bit. That an you could open the tabs from just about anywhere you wouldn't have to have the browser up to access them.

    Just wondering.

    What does everyone else think? I really like that they will finally be adding that option it just seems that they have done it awkwardly. They should just have it as one of the options when you bring up the bottom on screen options in the browser. Maybe take out the zoom button. With the double tap, those keys are kinda redundant anyway.
    07-16-09 09:03 AM
  2. Devlyn16's Avatar
    In theory [considering I have ZERO Java programing knowledge] it sounds like a no brainer.

    On the other hand Is it possible to access the menu for a program that isn't in the active "window"?
    07-16-09 12:13 PM
  3. anon(96573)'s Avatar
    If I understand you correctly I don't see how this would be possible.
    07-16-09 12:19 PM
  4. denverdave11's Avatar
    ya I don't get how it could be done either. Would be pretty cool tho and very handy

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    07-16-09 02:50 PM
  5. camoko's Avatar
    Sounds like a good idea.
    07-16-09 05:07 PM