1. Smoke N Crack's Avatar
    i am on .148 now. i want to upgrade to .230. after i do my backup of my 3rd party apps. should i upload everything back onto phone? or do i have to uncheck the apps that dont work? or should i just put everything back on and just not use the apps that dont work?
    09-23-09 07:44 AM
  2. Thanontos's Avatar
    When you get to the screen where you choose the apps to load back onto your phone, I wouldn't include the apps not compatible. Reason being that when you start up .230 you will encounter a lot of errors or resets as a lot of users found out. I would add them back one by one as it helps to eliminate memory problems as well.

    As another note, do not include facebook/myspace when checking the items to put on your phone. The cod files that was released with .230 are older and do not work anyway (if they are there at all). Myspace/facebook works and after you load up the OS come here and get them OTA.
    09-23-09 07:59 AM