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    I am currently using QuickLaunch v2.17 on my 8900, O.S. v4.6.1.319, Platform (inquiries regarding upgrade benefits later). I've set my left convenience key to launch QL, but a lot of times it will instead bring me to the "New Task" screen. Or, as I'm using the 'back' key to exit a given app opened with QL, it will take me to the New Task screen. Also, at times, when I try to access the App Switcher thru QL it will either just bring me to the Main Menu or Home screen.

    My question: Has anyone else had these things happen to them? I'm wondering if this is something as simple as a setting or glitch issue, or if things like this are just par for the course and I'm nit-picking too much. Any feedback (aside from the [email protected]$$) would be appreciated, thanks.

    Also, if this is not the right forum to post a ? like this in, I apologize.
    04-04-10 02:29 PM