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    I currently have a 9700 (BB5), which is getting progressively more and more cranky about apps/memory availability. Even though I haven't added any apps in ages, and have deleted some, the memory available always seems to dwindle down to a big fat 0. (That includes battery pulls, I'm just perpetually at 0. If I delete something, following a battery pull I"ll get a few MB available, and within a week it'll be back to 0.) This makes using the phone a challenge, at best.

    The other day I got my first white screen of death with Error 523 in the middle of it, but, fortunately, after restarting it dozens of times was finally able to get back to a functioning phone (and did a quick backup -- whew!). I've seen this error a couple of random times since then, and am getting itchy about getting something that's not as restrictive with the memory.

    My problem is I'm finding all sorts of conflicting and confusing numbers from my research. First off, a sales guy (trying to sell me the 9810) tried to tell me that all 8GB of the on-board memory could be used for app installation/storage, and that all of my BB5 apps were going to work with BB7 because it's backward compatible. Yeah, and the Brooklyn Bridge can be had for $10, too.

    RIM advertises 8GB eMMC + 768MB RAM. While this very informative thread here (http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...torage-650100/) explains that the RAM actually has nothing to do with app storage, and shows what looks to be about 540MB available for apps, with 260MB of that being eaten up by the system, leaving 280MB for apps of our choosing.

    But then this article (RIM Explains the Low Available App Memory in BlackBerry 7 OS | New BlackBerry Phones) quotes RIM as confirming only 189MB being available. My 9700 has 256MB, and clearly it's not sufficient for the apps that I have installed (less the system files, which, I'd look up to see how much that is, but I'm currently staring at the black clock in the middle of my screen :-\ ).

    Is there some coding magic being performed with BB7 where 280MB (or, worse, 190MB) can comfortably accommodate more apps than BB5 could with 256MB on the 9700? Is there some other piece of information that I'm missing about how the 9900 handles and stores apps? Yes, I've read about how apps can store large media files and such separately from the operating files, so does that mean that most apps have been pared down to the running essentials and therefore have a much smaller operational footprint?

    Back in the last ice age I had a Palm-based Sony Clie PDA, and while the app storage was some tiny amount, it was possible to store apps on the removable media and install them as-needed. While it was a pain in the rear waiting for them to install/uninstall, at least they were available -- a state preferable to the frequent freeze ups and battery pulls, and the WSODs I'm experiencing now.

    I'd appreciate it if anyone could please clarify the above numbers for me, and, if you'd be so kind, let me know what kinds of apps you're running, and whether you're having memory issues. Price allowing, I'd really like to stay with the Bold form factor and get a 9900 when AT&T finally makes them available, so that's why I'm posting in this forum.

    Thanks much!
    10-09-11 03:31 AM
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    There really doesn't seem to be the same issue with app space, the 9700 was always struggling specially with memory leaks. The 9780 onwards don't seem to struggle and I have no problems with my 9900 with 30+ apps installed. Before apps I had well over 200mb of free app space. Once you shrink your OS and re-install you can have closer to 250mb free so unless bb apps start getting very big then you have plenty of room(my largest app is 4.5mb I think)

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    10-09-11 03:52 AM