1. heyheyyy's Avatar
    sorry im new to blackberries and so if there is an app on app world and it says

    This application supports all devices
    All carriers

    shouldn't it be on the app world on my bold because when i search on the app world on my bb it says no results can will it work if i download it straight from bb world?

    thanx for the help
    05-21-10 01:46 AM
  2. vanesserstation's Avatar
    I'm not sure what your really saying. Did you download an app and can't find it on your phone?

    Ummm. I personally don't use app world, I use cb app store or mobihand.

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    05-21-10 02:42 AM
  3. heyheyyy's Avatar
    for example when i go online on my computer and browse the app world through there i see things like yankee redsox apps peggle among others but when i go to the app world on my phone theyre not there
    05-21-10 01:02 PM
  4. dcscott's Avatar
    Which app world are you referring to. Are you perhaps viewing Crackberrys app store on one device and Blackberry's app store on the other?
    05-21-10 01:15 PM
  5. heyheyyy's Avatar
    for example

    ebay app

    appworld. blackberry. com /webstore/ content/ 4557

    sprint is supported all devices are supported

    but when i go to download it on my bb app world its not there

    i had to space it sorry
    05-21-10 02:36 PM