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    Sorry if this is a Blackberry Noob question but I am still getting the hang of everything. I have installed the foursquare app and its working fine over my social data plan but I have yet to get any of the notifications from the app when I close it and have it running in the background. Is it something I am doing wrong? Currently this is my only app that should be getting notifications like this in the background, because Facebook&Twitter only load them as I am on WiFi so I have no other way to test it.
    04-03-12 12:57 PM
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    Hate to do this but bump, is anyone getting FourSquare Push Notifications on their phone?
    04-07-12 07:16 PM
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    PUSH Notifications are possible, and here's how:

    2 things need to be done in order to get these push notifications.

    1. In foursquare go to 'OPTIONS' --> 'NOTIFICATION SETTINGS'
    Here you will find all settings necessary, the left column is for push notifications, the right for emails.

    2. In foursquare go to 'OPTIONS' --> 'PROFILE'
    Scroll down to the bottom and enable notifications.

    Remember, don't "EXIT" the app just use your back button otherwise the notifications will not work.
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    04-08-12 04:25 AM
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    The app doesn't have to be running in the background to get the popups because I have them on for certain people.
    04-08-12 08:42 AM
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    The app doesn't have to be running in the background to get the popups because I have them on for certain people.
    When you exit the app using the menu and 'exit' option, Foursquare pops up saying if you exit the app this way you won't be getting any notifications.
    04-09-12 07:10 AM
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    Sorry just signed up back into FourSquare after leaving it off for a bit due to it using half my data usage.

    Anyway both of those settings have been turned on but I get nothing on my phone. I have never seen anything from FourSquare at all actually. Have you been actively getting notifications from some friends? I went under "Current Profile Sounds" and noticed all my apps but FourSquare were listen as an option. Should FourSquare be listed there? Did it not install correctly the first time and the notification sounds/items missing?
    04-09-12 07:59 AM
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    I have the same problem. All notifications are turned on yet I get nothing. I turned on email notifications and those come in okay.

    Any thoughts?
    04-12-12 12:42 PM
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    Glad to hear its not just me. Have you attempted a uninstall, reboot, then reinstall? I tried editing all the settings but nothing. Have FourSquare uninstalled for a few days since I was getting close to data limit so I am wanting to see if when I reinstall if notifications work.

    What OS/BlackBerry Device/Data plan/Provider do you have?
    04-12-12 07:53 PM
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    Just got a tweet from FourSquare Support, they confirmed the problem and said a fix is coming!
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    04-17-12 04:40 PM
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    I'm still having this problem. I created a service ticket for this at Foursquare but they haven't been able to fix it yet. The only way I get notifications now is by email.

    04-23-12 08:56 PM