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    I've got a question regarding purchased apps, ie. Premium ones.
    If god forbid I have to wipe my curve 8520 or get another one for whatever reason will I still be able to use premium apps without paying for them again?

    I bought bebuzz full earlier today (a very smart purchase I understand) and received my registration number for it, it's tied to my blackberry email account so will I be able to install this again on another phone if needs be without paying for it?

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    09-07-10 03:13 PM
  2. nmadd's Avatar
    You would be able to email Bellshare about a new activation code for your new device.
    Bellshare - Activation Code Support

    Transfer license to new device Your activation code is bound to your device's PIN number. To transfer your license code to a new device you will have to request a new activation code/transfer of your current activation. Please make sure your have the e-mail address used during purchase, your current activation code and the new device's PIN number at hand.
    As far as other apps, it depends on the license you purchased. Some may offer licenses for a single device (see Beejive) while others may allow you to transfer between devices as often as you like.
    09-07-10 03:25 PM
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    Ah ok thanks a lot mate I can imagine I'll need to quote my order number so I'll write that down somewhere

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    09-07-10 04:49 PM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    If you get a new BlackBerry, you can log in your software account on the CrackBerry store and do a PIN switch which will allow the apps to work on the new device.
    09-07-10 04:53 PM