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    What is a good app to store or keep important information. What I want to do is store info pertaining to family info, accounts etc. Palms had a built in program that was part of their address book where you could keep vital info about that person. It doesn't look like BB has that option, unless I don't know how to access that program.

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    09-09-10 10:38 AM
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    I't doesn't look like I can put bank accounts, SSN etc into password keeper. How about a 3rd party app that I can add private info and secure with a password,.
    09-09-10 11:21 AM
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    I't doesn't look like I can put bank accounts, SSN etc into password keeper. How about a 3rd party app that I can add private info and secure with a password,.
    I think Password keeper is your best bet.

    It's secure, uses a password, and resists hacking.

    It is part of a full backup with no need to use any type of third-party backup procedures.

    it's a simple, lightweight program.

    You can enter whatever information you want in PW keeper. There are fields that make it more dedicated to web sites, but you can put whatever you want in those fields. There is also a notes section toward the bottom of each entry where you can enter whatever you want.

    I use it for my wife's and my personal information, all my work network passwords, all my wireless network router login and SSID information for all the networks I work on, and lots lots more.

    It really is your best option. Play around with it and see if you can get it to work for you.

    Another thing that's nice about it from a security level... You can keep PW keeper running in the background, but when you go back to it you have to re-enter your PW.
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    09-10-10 09:44 AM
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    Another option is Lastpass. Best thing about Lastpass is that you have sync between phone, browser, and other devices.
    09-10-10 10:21 AM
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    I use Password Keeper and store various info in the notes part of each item that I add. I suggest giving it a try, especially since it is free and native to BB.
    09-10-10 12:56 PM
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    Try Keepassbb. It is the blackberry version of Keepass Password Safe for PC, and Keepassx for Mac/Linux. All will work with the same database file, with AES 256 bit encryption. A true cross platform solution. Find keepassbb here: f5bbutils.fairview5.com/, and Keepass for the computer at keepass.info
    09-13-10 01:08 PM
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    +1 for KeePass. I like that it keeps info on the BlackBerry, and on my computer.
    09-13-10 03:04 PM
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    It's expensive and Keepass may do the same thing, but I love Ascendo Datavault. I keep everything and anything in there and sync it with the desktop version. Very useful.
    09-13-10 03:45 PM
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    For information other than just passwords there is an app called BlackBook, where you can add all of that type of personal data such as SSN and other private information within your contacts. It can only be accessed with a special key combination. I like it because it can use a contact format. For just general website passwords I use the native password keeper, but if my contact has a website, it can go with your contact in BlackBook as well.

    BlackBook by mblware

    09-13-10 03:52 PM
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    I've been keeping my info on a password protected spread sheet. I will look into LastPass.

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    09-13-10 05:40 PM
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    Been out of town and just getting back to CB. I would like to thank all for their suggestions.
    09-14-10 10:09 AM