1. jtels2593's Avatar
    I recently switched from a Sprint 9650 to the new 9930. Ever since getting the new device, the Amazon MP3 app shows up as the white shopping back w/ a blue music icon overtop. The app is supposed to be green in color, or at least I thought?

    Any advice or help is appreciated, thanks!
    09-22-11 09:19 PM
  2. anon(1411583)'s Avatar
    I don't know what happened but I had this app downloaded to my new 9810 but could not find it anywhere on my bb. I uninstalled and now I can't reinstall. Does not give me an option.
    same thing happened a few weeks ago with google chat (no option to re-install) but it was installed on my new phone so that was nice.

    so replying yet have no help, sorry. Was googling trying to find an answer for my issue.
    10-08-11 10:43 PM