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    Purchased my blackberry 2 weeks ago and go figure that Facebook pushes a new layout and causes problems. I thought things were finally going smoothly but since the upgrade I cannot load pics from my BB.

    I searched the forums for this problem and I have tried all suggested fixes and none of these seem to be recent since the FB upgrade

    The errors I get are:

    *Cannot establish a connection to the server (of course I am connected but unsure why I am receiving this notice)

    *In my notifications I can view the pic, it shows it uploaded in the album Mobile Uploads (it is not viewable when you actually go the album)

    *I receive another notication that says: There was an error uploading this photo. I have the option to Resend (which doesn't work) or Cancel.

    Nothing seems to work and I am beyond frustrated, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    02-16-10 07:58 AM
  2. kmac1515's Avatar
    I am having problems uploading pics to facebook as well. But I can post statuses through the app just fine. I don't know what's wrong.

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    02-16-10 11:31 AM
  3. flutterby80's Avatar
    I've been havin problems even well before all the updates they done. Someone suggested using m.facebook.com on the browser vs going directly thru the app. It worked, temporarily. For one picture using the 'send to facebook' option finally worked and allowed me to select the album I wanted it in. That was short lived. It hasn't worked since and I've tried everyday. I want to say its the app, but who knows.

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    02-23-10 08:26 AM
  4. cbrown61's Avatar
    i read on here a while back that it may have something to do with pic size. If you lower your size and quality that may help a little bit. But I do think that its just the app itself thats crappy.
    02-23-10 08:30 AM
  5. flutterby80's Avatar
    Its not the size that I've noticed. It used to work just fine for at least the first 2 months I had the phone, then one day it just quit...and I never adjusted the pic size settings.

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    02-23-10 09:16 AM
  6. beenr's Avatar
    I upgraded to the new FB about a week ago and noticed this same thing happening. I've noticed if I take a pic that's 3x or 5x magnification, it normally goes through, but a 1x (larger) photo does not. It cuts down on quality, which I don't like if I want to use the photo elsewhere besides FB, but it seemed to work by using a smaller size pic... I did end up putting my quality on "normal" instead of large in the camera menu options, and now all of my photos appear to upload ok..
    04-05-10 02:04 PM