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    I just installed the trial version of Podtrapper and since I have unlimited data, I wanted to download via cellular. When I enabled this setting, I got a message that said some carriers and plans will cancel my plan if I download too much data (or something to that effect). Has anyone had this happen or even heard of this happening? I understand the warning for those that don't have unlimited data but I assume if I have an unlimited data plan with VZ, it means just that. Unlimited.

    Edited to add: Here is the message it gives when enabling download via celluar "Warning: Cellular downloading transfers significant data over the wireless network. Some carriers and plans bill heavily for data, and some will terminate your contract if too much is downloaded. Are you sure you want to enable cellular downloads?"
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    04-12-10 04:14 PM
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    You'll be OK. However you may also want to try the PodTrapper Desktop Downloader. I prefer it, because it is much faster, and it gives me more control over when I'm downloading. I can turn on download via cellular when appropriate.
    04-12-10 04:23 PM
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    Thanks. And I might try that.
    04-12-10 04:40 PM