1. BeckerLiketheShow's Avatar
    I recently bought an unlocked Tour on Ebay. Although the phones usual carrier is Verizon, I have connected the phone to my Tmobile service (I used to have a Pearl). I have used the Desktop Manager to upload the Tmobile Service books and my MMS pic messaging, browser, Facebook and MySpace apps all work well. However, other apps such as Pandora Radio, Astrology.com, and Google Mobile will not connect to the internet. The Google Mobile app says my app settings need to be changed, but I have already set them all to "allow." The Astrology app says "uncaught exception..." every time I try to use it. Please let me know how I can fix this! I am THIS close to getting this phone to work the way I need it to.

    03-21-10 05:14 PM
  2. greeneink's Avatar
    Check to see if you have an IT Policy on the phone or if your firewall is enabled.
    03-21-10 05:27 PM
  3. BeckerLiketheShow's Avatar
    My firewall is disabled, but what do you mean by "an IT policy" on the phone?

    Thanks for your reply...
    03-27-10 02:23 PM