1. manbeard's Avatar
    AHHHHH!!!!!! I love my 8330, but my goodness....the little amount of memory it has is ridiculous. I was on a quest to free up some memory space just now. I searched some threads on here and started to delete some of the unnecessary apps and programs and etc I've got in order to free up some space. Now, on the main screen, it has all the apps i've got: pandora, internet, calls, etc. there are some, though, that I definitely did not put on there, that I cant delete: NFL network, skype, bing, slacker radio.

    I tried to go to options > advance options > applications so I could delete them, but they wont show up on the list of apps i've got. what gives?
    04-15-10 12:50 AM
  2. fedge's Avatar
    because those aren't apps those are links to download the apps.. they don't really take up any space they come from your service provider try hiding them in a folder you don't use..out of site out of mind... i suggest you search the forums for blackberry memory optimize...
    04-15-10 01:04 AM
  3. jaxniahell's Avatar
    Or it may be that you need to reboot.some apps require a shutdown in order to uninstall.

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    04-15-10 07:22 AM
  4. alupo790's Avatar
    yea i hate the pushing of apps too but i just created a folder with all those things in it then hid the folder, they dont take up space
    04-15-10 07:27 AM
  5. happygirl7973's Avatar
    I used to have an 8310, and I noticed that if I saved too many texts, emails, etc., my memory became low. I'm not sure if it's helpful or not, but I always tried to be mindful of how much memory I had when saving those types of things. Also, I deleted my phone call logs. It is entirely possible that someone with more knowledge will say that this is a waste of time because it doesn't give you that much more memory, but when you're pretty low to begin with, I felt that every little bit helped.
    04-15-10 07:40 AM
  6. James.Counts's Avatar
    I have this same problem! It's so stupid! Yes, I technically can hide them but the fact Verizon or RIM is installing apps on my BB Curve without giving me that option urks me!
    04-15-10 01:15 PM
  7. akmolin's Avatar
    Do you do a battery pull every now and then? When I had my Curve 8310 I really never had to do a battery pull at least not as much as with my Bold 9000 but it is still a good idea and make sure you don't have a ton of emails and text messages saved on the phone.
    04-15-10 01:24 PM