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    Hello all, I'm new to crackberry and now encountering problems after upgrading to because I didn't know better about upgrading my OS without checking out the pros and cons of this firmware update.
    I don't remember watching youtube before upgrading and now I found out the videos just won't load. I've already done the optimizing like people suggested that I should since I'm currently using the unlock T-Mobile 9700.
    And when I'm trying to download some application from app world, the stupid app world is stuck on bring up the selected program I chose to download. It's just going infinitely on the long green bar as loading, I can read the comments on the program but when I try to go back to the main page of app world, it won't let me. So now I'm just wondering if other people are encountering the same problem and has anyone found the solution yet? And if all else fail, should I just downgrade back to the previous OS? I actually like the new button setting change for lock and mute...
    Thanks in advance to all suggestions and solutions!

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    06-16-10 08:27 AM