1. RavenManiac52's Avatar
    Just purchased WB Elite this morning, and I really like it....but - I'm hoping you guys can help with this.

    I recently bought the Tour (my first BB) so I'm still in the middle of learning everything. After I bought WB Elite, I uninstalled the regular Weatherbug (should've done it before), and after I reset the phone, both Elite and free Weatherbug were gone.

    While attempting to go back through App World (as recommended by the WeatherBug support staff), after selecting WB Elite (whether in My World or as an application for purchase), it never gets past the loading screen.

    Now I've tried going through the applications update/install on Desktop Manager, and it says Weatherbug Elite is still on the phone - but the icon doesn't appear anywhere itself. The thermometer is gone from the top of the screen, and the weather indicator is gone - no hint of it being on the handset at all.

    Do you guys have any idea what I should do? Because I haven't the foggiest...*rimshot*
    08-01-09 01:24 PM