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    Hi, I just got my Torch on Monday and I've been trying to set up Facebook Places to no avail. When I'm inside, the location is about 30 miles out, but when I hang out the window it's very close to my real location. When I go to set up Places, it automatically selects the location 30 miles out and it won't change to my real location. Any suggestions?
    11-26-10 12:52 PM
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    Usually it finds stuff within 1mi of your loaction at least it does for me. Tried to refresh? Using Google Maps etc is your GPS locking on?

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    11-26-10 01:43 PM
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    I've tried Google Maps and it gets it pretty much spot on, but on places it won't automatically find my location so I go to 'check in' and it comes up with the location from BB Maps, which is wrong. If I click on the location it takes me into BB Maps and if I leave it on long enough it will eventually get my real location but then I have no idea how to transfer that to Places.
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    11-26-10 01:56 PM
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    This seems to be a common problem within the facebook app. I can never get an accurate location. I'm usually 3000 ft or so off.
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    11-26-10 05:54 PM
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    Grrrr! I worked on this all day and finally got it to work!

    1. Make sure you have BlackBerry Maps downloaded and enabled on your phone. If you removed it initially, like I did, you will have to go to the desktop manager to re-install it.

    2. Open up BlackBerry Maps and search for an address with "Where I'm At" as your start point. I did this inside my office at first and it didn't work so I went outside and it worked.

    3. Once the satellites have picked up your location, then go into Facebook Places and check-in. Hopefully it will work for you then!

    4. Go someplace fun with your friends and tag away!

    I hope this is helpful. Oh, I have a Bold 9650 / Verizon.
    12-21-10 08:47 PM
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    wont work with me
    12-22-10 06:08 PM