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    I'm happily using JABP, a little java-based piece of software that allows me to manage my accounts on my Blackberry. I'm really quite amazed at how many VERY BAD personal accounting software tools there are out there -- Personal Assistant on the Applications World is amazing in that it doesn't allow you to have a wallet unless the wallet is connected to a corporation somewhere (so, how do I record my cash?); Mobile Wallet and Light Wallet are stunningly cumbersome and problematic to use; neither Quicken nor MS Money has a mobile version. I was almost at the point of just using .CSV files on a spreadsheet but I found that JABP does what I want.

    But it also creates permanent files. Stuck on the dreaded "samples" directory.

    The problem arises if you try to run the wrong one of the Import/Export or Synchronize functions while the BB is plugged in to the USB cable. If you aren't plugged in then JABP will access the (one allowed) directory to fetch or deposit files for the Import/Export. But if you have the USB plugged in and then try to Import/Export, it WRITES a file to the NON-WRITE-ABLE "Samples" directory. And then, because that directory is not write-able, the user can't get rid of that file.

    Weirdness. Don't ask me how JABP manages to change the directory that can't be changed, but it does. Anybody interested in a screen shot? :P

    Any thoughts about how to get rid of these unwanted files? I've even WIPED the dang phone and they're still there!
    04-22-10 12:25 AM
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    - bump -

    Still interested in figuring out how a 3-p-app can write a file to the "Samples" folder, but I then can't delete that file.
    04-24-10 11:54 AM
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    OK so I'm talking to myself here but I thought I'd keep updating. So I TOTALLY WIPED the entire BB. I removed the battery, did a hard-boot-reboot, used JL-Cmder to completely wipe the whole thing, used BB-Swiss-Army-Knife to remove everything, did a "restore factory settings" and a "wipe device" from through the normal software menus.

    But the files are still there.

    Below is a screen-shot of the offending matter:
    05-09-10 10:34 PM