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    Hi All.

    Would like to first introduce myself as a brand new Verizon Tour owner (first BB, first smartphone) and I really, really like it. Had been a lurker here for a while waiting for the thing to go on sale, though. My SO is becoming more and more annoyed at me spending so much time on my BB so I guess I am in good company here.

    About my problem, sorry but it is a bit long:

    1. My main email/calender/contacts account is a Gmail account where I use Google sync to sync it to my Tour. On the Gmail calendar, I turned on "fun" calendars such as the weather and phases of the moon. I also have other "secondary" Gmail accounts with associated calendars that are Google synced.

    2. I have a Yahoo account that I use primarily for all commercial transactions (buying things, subscriptions, etc.) that I use to avoid spam in my main accounts. This is the account I used to set up my Verizon Tour account. I do not use any Yahoo calendars.

    3. Of course all my email accounts are being pushed into my Tour.

    Result: On my BB calendar, I got all the synced appointments from my main Gmail calendar just fine.

    Problem: However, I got all the "fun" calendar events (weather, phases of the moon) that should have been from my Gmail account, but instead, BB calendar says it is from my Yahoo account even though there are no such things in the Yahoo calendar. I wouldn't mind so much except that these "fun" events are considered all day events and any other real appointment always shows an "appointment conflict". Because they supposedly are from my Yahoo account, I can't figure out how to disable it on my BB calendar and keep it in my Gmail.

    I fiddled around with some of the settings and I think I got the weather off but I still have the Phases of the Moon supposedly from my Yahoo Calendar (but really from my Gmail calendar).

    In Google Sync I turned off the "fun" calendars but the Phases of the Moon still shows. I think the only thing that helps is selecting only the single Gmail calendar in BB calendar but BB calendar will only give me a choice of all calendars or just one calendar.

    Does anyone know what's going on?

    Sorry again for the long explanation. Thanks a bunch to whoever is still reading this.

    Otherwise I love this thing.

    BTW: If anyone wants to know: My Tour is a Canada 1, I have the ripple when I press the trackball button (doesn't really bother me), a very, slightly loose battery cover (doesn't slide around but creaks a bit when I type), call out quality is fine according to others, but everyone seems to sound a bit muffled to me when I hear them on my end, especially other BB owners (both from a Tour and a 8330 Curve).

    Thanks again,

    08-11-09 07:07 PM
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    Sorry to self-Bump but would really like to know if anyone could tell me what is going on.

    Also, I removed the "phases of the moon" from my GMail and re-synced but it still is on my BBcalendar from Yahoo.

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

    08-14-09 10:55 AM