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    If I go to the photo itself and click the BB menu button, it gives me the option to send the photo to Facebook. I go through the steps, it resizes the photo, etc., and it seems like it sends it...but it never appears in my Mobile Uploads album. However, if I use the Facebook app and upload a photo that way, it takes me through the exact same steps, but the photo does show up in the album. Weird, but I can just always upload through the Facebook app if need be, so no big deal.

    What really bugs me is that even when the photo appears in the album, it doesn't post to my profile or to my friends' news feeds. A friend of mine has the same phone and posts photos from it allllll the time, which always show up in my news feed, but when I upload, it doesn't do it. Is there a setting I need to adjust, or...?? I asked her if she had installed a special app to allow her to do this, and she said she just used the regular FB app and her photos automatically published, so why don't mine?

    Thanks for any help on this one! It may be a simple fix, but I'm puzzled.

    ETA that I finally got it sorted out.
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