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    I tried searching on this but couldn't find anything. I was posting in another thread, but I thought I might somewhat hijack that thread with this problem. I think that if my assumptions are correct, I'm not the only one having a problem like this.

    Anyway, I've always had Facebook installed on my 9700 and I managed with it fine. About a month ago I bought a new 16gb micro SD card. It is only a class 2. I have no problems with that card pulling pictures or music. But it seems like since I installed that card, my Facebook would be UNGODLY slow! It wouldn't pull the pictures/avatars for my friends, if you would hit Menu....it would take about 10 seconds for hte menu to fully open, and if you went to close from the menu, the app wouldn't close for a few minutes.

    After reading another thread, I found that there is a .dat file that is stored on the Media card under Blackberry -> Facebook. I was told this file will get very large and you can delete it to bring the speed of Facebook back up.

    I'm wondering if the Class 2 SD card is somehow slowing down Facebook's responsiveness.

    Has anyone had any issues like this before?

    05-13-10 03:54 PM
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    Ok, I have tried some tests and I do think that the SD card is slowing down my Facebook. I upgraded my bold to the official .656 OS and then reinstalled Facebook. When I opened facebook, the phone wouldn't responde and pictures/avatars would not open.

    So, then once i finally regained control of the UI, I pulled out my 16gb Class 2 SD card. I went back into Facebook and it worked flawlessly. There were no speed issues. When I would refresh the activity stream, it pulled all the pictures very fas

    Has anyone else ever had a problem with this? I know that everytime you open Facebook, a .dat file is created under Media Card -> Blackberry -> Facebook. You can delete this file, but it will just create a new file everytime Blackberry Facebook is opened.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    05-16-10 10:06 AM