1. bjmerrtt's Avatar
    I have searched all over the place for an answer to this including my friends that have a Blackberries and it seems I'm the only one having this issue

    on fb bb app, when i get a notification from fb through the app sometimes it just takes me to the actual email where i have to open the link in the mobile browser to reply to the stutus update and comment, and sometimes it actually takes me to the status update on the app and i can reply directly through the app... i don't want to have to open the mobile browser to comment on status updates...

    i'm using an 8300 with fb 1.7...

    i've tried turning off text alerts, didn't work, i tried turning off email notifications and i stopped getting notifications all together on the bb facebook app then... I"M STUCK
    05-16-10 07:52 PM
  2. kwkid's Avatar
    Well having followed many posts on this forum the only thing I can say is that the app is just terrible and most people recommend using the mobile facebook website versus the app.
    05-16-10 08:17 PM