1. SurferStitch16's Avatar
    Hey All,
    I looked for this problem on the forums and I couldn't seem to find the answer so I apologize if this has been asked and solved some place else, I just couldn't find it. I recently downloaded EmpowerSMS Viewer after having the trial version. I LOVE it!! It worked great as a trial version, I had it a few weeks ago and decided last night that I wanted to spend the money. It is working really well, except that I cannot seem to get it to have separate font colors for incoming and outgoing messages. I have done a battery pull hoping that that would work, but it did not. It still is all the same color. It is the color I have set in the option Font Color not the colors that I have set for Incoming Font Color and Outgoing Font Color. Is anyone else having this problem or know how I can fix it?? Thanks in advance!!
    09-19-09 02:04 PM
  2. marfaboy's Avatar
    If no one on this forum can answer your question, try e-mailing the app developer. I tried Empower SMS recently, had a question about it, and e-mailed them - they responded in about four hours.

    I subsequently deleted this app, but that's another story.....
    09-20-09 02:40 PM