1. thermal izod's Avatar
    I have a 7290, and use AT&T. I have the desktop control program on my PC, but I can't get any apps to load. It put BB Msngr on for me and that works great. But everytime I try to DL an app, or app world, it tells me something to the effect of "inadequate software" or something...both mobile DL and desktop attempts are doing the same thing.
    I seem to be running on OS 4.2, so I'm not sure what the hangup is...I am a first-time BB user, so any help is appreciated. Google searches are leading me in circles.

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    04-04-10 11:20 AM
  2. anon(1374646)'s Avatar
    A lot of third party applications have been continually designed and upgraded to keep up with the newest berries. Most of them can be memory intensive or need higher processing power, an older model blackberry probably just doesn't have the capacity to run them.
    Maybe someone on these forums can point you to a website that has old versions of the apps that you want.
    04-11-10 05:19 PM