1. Smilee5's Avatar
    Trying to download StickyNote app from BB world and it says it's compatible with my phone (8330) and carrier. But when I try to download it, it says it's not compatible with my phone. I want some type of stick note app that appears on my homescreen. This one was just that. Anyone have this app on their curve, has suggestions on how to get it to download, or have another app like this that you could recommend??? Thanks!
    06-05-10 03:04 PM
  2. ttfmaep's Avatar
    No, you can't run StickyNote on your Curve unless you upgrade it to OS 5.0. Even then it may not work, because 83xx is not listed as a supported device for this app on MobiHand.

    I hate how App World always says "All devices" (or "All carriers") when it's not always true.

    I don't have any substitute Notes suggestions; but for apps in general, you will be better off looking here or on MobiHand instead of App World.
    06-05-10 04:07 PM