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    Potentials Education Suite
    Chemisty Edition

    'Potentials Education Suite: Chemistry' brings the subject to our award winning educational application suite. Integrating the subject theory lessons with great extra features. Perfect for that CSEC or GCSE student, person on the go, or professional who wants to catch up on some basic lessons. Bringing all the subjects together gives a powerful, mobile education centre.


    • Comprehensive Chemistry lessons from basic to intermediate levels.

    • Expandable Periodic Table of Elements featuring details of the first 20 elements from Hydrogen and Calcium.

    • Voice dictation and audio for all lessons, available for offline download.

    • Winner of Blackberry Developer’s Competition Schools in Jamaica.
    • Notable one of the best User Interfaces of any Legacy Blackberry App.
    • Full app and resource support.
    And Much MORE

    Check it out in BlackBerry World Today!

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