1. centerfield's Avatar
    The problem might be having a Youmail folder on both your device memory and your sd card.

    Like others, after I downloaded the Youmail visual voice mail update the other day, I started getting "Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException" when trying to start it. An uninstall and re-install with a batter pull seemed to solve the problem but it returned earlier today. another uninstall and reinstall with battery pull did not help.

    So I deleted it and tried vymail but I didn't like it as musc as the Youmail visual voice mail.

    Then while I was looking for a file I saved from the gpsed program I noticed that there was a Youmil folder on both my system disk and my sd card. that was probably because when i virst installed Youmail Visual Voce Mail I set it to store voicemail on the sd card, but i didn't do that when i downloaded the update.

    After removing vymail, I deleted both Youmail folders and reinstalled Youmail visual voice mail, which isnow working just fine.

    I'll keep you updated if it acts up again.
    04-11-09 02:40 PM