1. mmauification's Avatar

    so Blackberry App world is giving me this message:

    Sync Issue
    There is an issue connecting to BlackBerry App World. Please try again

    Has been doing so for about two days now...my question: Can I download Apps straight to my Computer rather than plugging my phone into the PC and having it sync that way...I could then upload the apps from Desktop Manager onto the phone, I do not want to be reliant on this system as it does not seem to work...
    12-01-11 07:49 AM
  2. MADBRADNYC's Avatar
    No. Unless you have, can create, or someone provides you the application .alx and .cod files.

    If you are currently still having issues tethering to your PC, why don't you just download the AppWorld app from BlackBerry App World to download apps until you get the tethering issue sorted?

    That 9900 is a wonderful device, and there is plenty of memory to handle the application.

    12-01-11 08:53 AM