1. danielscrowe's Avatar
    My question is this...Can Pocket Informant be made the default PIM on the Blackberry. Maybe more specifically, can it replace the Contacts and Calender programs? I have used Pocket Informant in the past on WinMo phones and really enjoyed the interface and functionality, in part because it replaced the native clients.
    I have searched the forums and the best I could find is that "...it overlays the The last part to my question is; If I can replace the native clients with Pocket Informant will the integration of these applications and the rest of the Blackberry programs be affected? This is a big concern of mine with any application I consider. The integration of everything on my Blackberry and the resulting ease of use is the main reason I will probably never leave Blackberry. Everything just works!
    I know this has been long winded, but I appreciate your time and any insight you might have.
    01-28-10 09:39 AM
  2. haggisgirl's Avatar
    I am not aware of any way to make it the default PIM. I just assign it to a shortcut so I can open it quickly. But if I use a today type theme, it has to sync with the default PIM in order for the events to display on the home screen.
    01-28-10 09:50 AM
  3. Mickeymer's Avatar
    I too would like to know. I was thinking of removing the calendar, address book, tasks, etc. that came with my BB, but don't want to screw up my device! I hate the duplicate events, tasks, and stuff.
    01-28-10 10:20 PM