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    Ok, so OS 7.1 just came out for my carrier (Mobily - KSA) and I was super excited. So I went on ae.blackberry.com/update which is for the Middle East and clicked check for updates. It said 7.1 is available and gave me the steps. I didn't do it as usual through desktop manager as my laptop is not working and i am using a different one. So I followed the steps. It completed backup and I was waiting for install when my phone turned off suddenly. It was fully charged. I turned it back on and the install resumed.It got to a certain point, then froze. My phone rebooted then said App Error 200 Reset. Please help as I could be in huge trouble. It is obviously still under warranty do you think they'll cover this because it was a legit update with official OS. Please reply ASAP!
    04-29-12 06:09 PM
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    youre gonna have to wipe the device and reload the os...... that error is usually is corrupted software....they should cover it although the will propbaly send it out
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    04-29-12 06:24 PM