1. phrehnck's Avatar
    Tired of bad reception?
    Sick of memory leaks?
    Down about the battery drain?
    Suffering from free memory OCD?

    The dreaded Options>Status screen has been adversely affecting the health of millions of BlackBerry owners. But no more. Phrehnckrosoft Pharmaceuticals has developed a state of the art digital suppository that will vacuously cure your BlackBerry of all of the common conditions such as battdrainemia, memoryleakitis, and badreceptionoma. It's guaranteed to show immediate results which will improve your health by making you happy.

    Just insert the OTA suppository from here: http://phrehnck.com/stuff/placebo.asp

    Goto Options and look at "the other" Status screen.

    Have a nice day.
    05-10-09 04:07 PM
  2. ItsMoo's Avatar
    Did I miss the joke? What does this do exactly?
    05-10-09 04:21 PM
  3. hcarrega's Avatar
    lol what is this sir lol
    nice memory and battery 101%
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    05-10-09 04:49 PM
  4. ItsMoo's Avatar
    Oh I get it. LMAO. Although it's not lying to me....
    How do I delete it from my phone? I don't see it as an app or file anywhere on the phone.
    05-10-09 05:05 PM
  5. hcarrega's Avatar
    advanced options---applications----placebo
    05-10-09 06:02 PM
  6. ninja please's Avatar

    oh my
    05-10-09 06:13 PM
  7. Slingbox's Avatar
    Outstanding app ,Storm users have been needing this app for a long time lol
    05-10-09 06:25 PM