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    * Everytime you forget to take some medicines, you would be feeling that you needed a tracker or any assistant which would help you out in your healthy life.
    * This application can be that assistant.
    * Med Tracker is a powerful tool that will help you keep track of all your medicines.
    * It also reminds you about the medications you have to take.
    * The names of prescription medicines and instructions for taking them can be confusing, especially if you are taking many medicines.
    * Med Tracker will help you keep it all straight, and follow your medicines over time, too.
    * You can create a custom medicines & its units.
    * You can see the medication reports depending upon the unit.
    * User can add Medication Logs Information to the calender .so that Alerts are displayed in accurate time
    * User has a facility to Add and Edit custom frequency information in addition to the Predefined frequencies
    * If User wants add custom Time Period .This app gives facility to add their custom Time Period or schedule.
    * More ever User can ADD or DELETE or EDIT Units as Per their Requirements.
    * User friendly User Interfaces.


    * Unlimited medication planning .
    * Supports backup and restore functionality.
    * This app remind you upcoming medications.
    * You can filter medication logs based upon the units.
    * You can create custom units.
    * Easy to add medication, medication log and units.
    * Attractive user interface.

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    07-14-10 02:29 AM
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    Would be nice to have something that syncs across platforms (e.g., BlackBerry 10 to Android).
    04-15-13 01:07 AM