06-02-10 08:50 PM
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  1. BerryUK's Avatar
    If your looking for a free Battery Application which slows battery temp as well, then: SmartBeBattery is very good.
    05-29-10 08:51 AM
  2. kontender's Avatar
    worldmate live
    navita translator
    google sync
    blue slate converter
    bloomberg mobile

    all free...all useful.
    05-29-10 09:44 AM
  3. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    ok ok so my profile doesnt say what carrier i am with etc...thats because im in the uk till next week and then i move to the states.

    i'm sorry if this is asked all thie time...maybe it should be a sticky?!?!

    i have read a little on the forums here and it always semms that people are not all that patient when it come to new people on here...

    ah well i will look elsewhere for my advise in future
    wow, hey fatboy97 is really kind and quite understanding, not to worry he always helps. you may have to watch out for a couple of others though (grin)
    05-29-10 12:20 PM
  4. RJSH_1727's Avatar
    I would highly recommend smrtguard from day 1. They have a free and paid version of their service, though the only difference with the paid is the ability to backup and see your data via a pc. The free version lets you locate/track your phone, wipe it if its stolen, block use of other sim cards, even have it call you back at another # to let you listen in to figure out where it might be.
    I've been curious as to why Buddy Guard doesn't seem to get enough credit. It seems like errbody LOVES SmartGuard. Is it b/c SmartGuard (paid version) has the ability to backup your data?? Is that the only difference?? Buddy Guard is FREE and seems to have all the good qualities SmartGuard's free edition has If I'm wrong, please let me know
    06-01-10 04:29 AM
  5. dcraig7's Avatar
    The top apps I use a lot and are must have are:
    Beejive IM
    AP Mobile
    Little Chirp
    Berry Weather
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    06-02-10 08:50 PM
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