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    Immediately after downloading the photobucket application my BB 8330 went to the hourglass of death, and the only way to move beyond it was to reinstall the OS. I've been communicating with photobucket, but they claim to have never heard of a similar situation. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I found the exact scenario online with another BB user, but there were no solutions posted. I'm trying to provide proof to photobucket that there is an issue. Here is their response:

    We're still trying to repro (downloading the old BB PB Mobile app numerous times) on various BlackBerry Curve 8330 to get the hourglass of death.

    The only thing we can think of here is that perhaps there may be some permissions or something when you downloaded? We're kind of at a loss here and we've scoured forums for this specific app issue unique to blackberry curve 8330 w/ Photobucket crashing upon initial download and haven't found anything specific as to what they did or resolution.

    Please note, we will be launching an updated, more robust version of a Photobucket app for the Blackberry Appstores in the first week of June, so until then, you may want to hold off of downloading any Photobucket apps that may be floating around, as additionally, we've found that there may be some imposter-type of apps that we're currently requesting the various online outlets disable immediately. Without an app, you can still go to m.photobucket.com and navigate (* flash/javascript needs to be enabled) to view most content on the site as well as upload, etc.

    We're sorry for the frustration and inconvenience on your end, as crashes are never good, but again, we just haven't been able to identify specifically where the issue would have been caused by anything on our apps that we've developed for Blackberry. Not saying that we're 100%, just that we haven't been able to see in our tests. Feel free to let us know if you find anything else out in this regard or point us to any online forum that you've seen where they've discussed this at length.
    05-25-10 01:56 PM